Here's what my clients have to say...


“Kahea is an amazingly patient and kind, yet strong coach! She supported me as I made important relationship decisions. I started off making these choices from a very scared place and they felt like the wrong choice for me. By working with Kahea, I was able to make them from my own truthful place.  I love that Kahea is always encouraging and supportive and that she offers options for different ways to explore whatever topic I bring to a session. This invited me to reframe my thinking around topic. She has this down-to-earth style that makes me feel really comfortable with her. I left sessions with Kahea feeling clear, strong, calm, and more capable ready to take on what's next.”

— Sarah L.

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“The first thing I noticed when coaching with Kahea was a sense of her trustworthiness. With Kahea's groundedness and care, I felt I could really unpack vulnerable issues and get to the core truths that will help me create lasting change. She helped me explore the roots of some issues, gain new perspectives and start taking concrete steps to take better care of myself. After a session with Kahea, I know that we have done meaningful, brave work and I feel grounded in my power and encouraged to keep going.”

— Rachelle G.


“Coaching with Kahea has made me feel completely supported and validated, which has helped me start to create the life I've always wanted. Kahea is deeply intuitive, strong, comforting, and kind. She asks powerful questions that lead to deep inquiry and personal exploration. Her coaching has helped me to navigate major life stresses and disappointments, while helping me to see the positive life lessons in all of the difficulties. Coaching with Kahea is powerful and creative. Every session leaves me feeling truly inspired. After each session, I feel clear on what my goals are and why they are important to me. Her coaching has inspired me to take so many meaningful actions toward my goals. I feel like she has truly gotten to know me and what's important to me. She has a stellar memory, mirroring to me past lessons and insights into each session. If you are looking to get in touch with what you are passionate about and create major shifts in your life, I highly recommend coaching with Kahea.”

— Skye M.

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“Working with Kahea is always a gift I give to myself. Kahea has an amazing way of distilling my words, reflecting them back to me unraveling stories, patterns, and blockages, at the same time celebrating strengths and newfound rawness. She is tough, inquisitive, supportive, inspiring and uplifting. Kahea provides a warm space to explore - like fuzzy slippers for your mind, heart, and soul. But also a space to tear down walls and make BIG shifts with a wrecking ball. Each session with Kahea has left me grounded, motivated and with a better understanding and sense of what I truly desire and how to get there.”

— Rena D.