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I'm Kahea,

And I believe you are worthy of a life you love.

As a coach, I help women find their way between who they are + who they want to be, so they can start living the life they were meant for.

This isn’t about creating a better you (you’re not a problem to be fixed).

This is about finding a truer you.


Consider this your Invitation

We live in a society that glorifies traditional versions of "success". That shames people for not knowing at all moments what we want. And that isn't set up to support us—women, and especially women of color—to find it.

It's no wonder we feel pressured to perform, and confused when we're still so unhappy despite all of our achievements.

But what if we were able to let go of all the doubts, "shoulds", and expectations dictating our choices? What if we were free from the beliefs that keep us still, static? What if we really felt our own worthiness?

What would life look like?