Bumpdate | What I packed (and over-packed) in my hospital bag

While for the most part I didn't really do tons of research on most aspects of my pregnancy (that came as a shock, but it was more a self-preservation thing; I just didn't want to overwhelm or freak myself out with all the baby things), one of the few areas I did read up a lot on was the hospital bag. I've never spent a night in the hospital before, and I've obv never had a baby, so who knew what I needed?

Answer: the internet knew what I needed.

So after combing through a few blogs and asking for a few opinions, I finally decided on the things that would go in our bag. Some of these were useful and I'm super thankful we brought them along; others, we definitely didn't need.

And I'll just preface this all by saying I'm a chronic over-packer to begin with, so there's that.

For Mama + Labor

Hospital registration paperwork | Our hospital let us pre-register online, so I didn't actually worry about this. Just remember to bring your insurance card and photo ID and such. Verdict: Necessary.

Pillow and non-white pillow case | We were told ahead of time (and saw on our tour) that hospital pillows are not comfortable, and that it may make me feel more relaxed to have something that feels/smells like home, so we brought the pillows we usually sleep with. Make sure to bring one for dad too if he'll be sleeping at the hospital with you! The non-white pillow cases were to avoid mixing them up with the hospital's pillows when we left. Verdict: Glad we brought these (esp the pillow cases), though a few of the hospital pillows weren't all that bad.  

Labor/Delivery gown | This is essentially a hospital gown-like outfit that has access points in case medical staff need to administer an epidural, etc., and is also easy to nurse in. While a regular hospital gown is definitely an option, I went and got a gown from this Etsy shop. When it came and I tried it on, I decided that I wanted to live in it for the rest of my life. Verdict: Loved using this during the many hours of my labor, and it was definitely useful when being given an epidural.  But didn't get any use of out of in the hospital after Luke was born since it was covered in, you know...stuff. But since we got home, it's been one of my favorite things to wear since it doesn't aggravate my c-section at all.

Nightgown or comfy PJs / Robe or cardigan / Going home outfit | I brought 2 outfits to hang out in while recovering that either had buttons or pull-down fronts for easy nursing, and were easy to use the bathroom in. One was a simple nightgown from Target, the other was a button-up oversized tank and some super soft drawstring shorts. I also brought a huge oversized sweater in case it got cold and stuck my robe in my bag at the last minute in case I needed it to wander the hospital halls in the throes of labor (told you I'm an over-packer). For my going home outfit, I brought my comfiest pair of maternity sweats and an oversized tee. Verdict: I ended up staying in hospital gowns during recovery since I delivered via c-section and it was way easier for myself and hospital staff that way. Also, because I had planned/hoped for a vaginal delivery, I hadn't thought too much about where the elastic waist of my going home outfit would hit, and I really wish I had. Instead, I borrowed Nate's sweatpants, which allowed me to pull the elastic band WAY up above the incision. Didn't use the robe I stuffed in there at the last minute at all.

Slippers (flip-flops) | Our hospital room had a shower, and I knew before going in that I'd be in there at some point. If showers or baths are a comfort measure for you too and your hospital has one or the other, bring flip-flops to wear. They're also great for walking around the hospital during labor, or getting up to go to the bathroom. Verdict: Necessary.

Nursing sleep bra / Comfy underwear | I brought one of my Motherhood Maternity Nursing Wrap Sleep Bras with me mostly for the way home. In terms of underwear, a friend of mine had sent me an extra package of disposable underwear she brought home from the hospital that she never used after the birth of her son, so I packed those along with a pair of maternity underwear too (which I wish I'd found so much sooner because they. are. amazing.). Verdict: I used the hospital's disposable underwear since, again, c-section and mine hit right where the incision was whereas their's pulls way up. I saved the extras my friend had sent me for home. The nursing sleep bra was useful for heading home.

Nursing pads / Nipple salve | I packed 6 (yes, six) disposable Lansinoh nursing pads. I don't know why I thought I'd need that many, but there you go. I also packed an all-natural Hawaiian nipple salve to help soothe breastfeeding pain, and will do a whole 'nother post on Hawaiian products for mama's soon! Verdict: The nipple salve wasn't necessary for me in those first few days, but I did use 2 (not SIX) nursing pads for the ride home.

Toiletries | These mostly consisted of deodorant (important!), facial cleansing wipes, my hair brush and some hair bands, lip balm (my lips are always really chapped), contact lens supplies and glasses, my toothbrush, tooth paste, and heavy flow overnight pads. Verdict: The lip balm was my most-used toiletry item, though I also used my toothbrush, tooth paste, contact lens supplies, glasses, facial wipes and deodorant. The hospital provided pads to use, so I just used theirs. I don't think I brushed my hair for a full week after Luke was born.

Comfort measures / Focal point | We brought a few things that we knew ahead of time would help me to feel more at ease during labor + delivery, like some essential oils and a diffuser that one of my closest friends gifted us, Hawaiian lavender lotion for massaging my legs/feet, my favorite body wash, and twinkle lights to make the room feel cozier. We also brought a turtle stuffed animal, which my mother got for me to use as a focal point. Verdict: The only things I really used where the stuffed animal, the essential oils diffuser, and the winkle lights. I honestly just forget we had even brought anything else, and would have been too exhausted to organize my thoughts around actually using them even if I had remembered. And let's face it, I wasn't really going to take a shower during — or right after — delivery.

Music + Speakers / Extension cord | I made a labor + delivery playlist with a bunch of soothing songs on it, and we brought our portable speakers to play it. We also brought an extension cord so we knew we could plug things in from anywhere. Verdict: Definitely used this!

Cell phones + chargers | Obviously. Verdict: Obviously.

For Dad

Hanging out / PJs | Since Nate would be staying with me the entire time I was in the hospital, we made sure to pack enough clothes for him — a pair of sweats, 2 tees, a hoodie and beanie, etc. Verdict: Nate ended up using everything he packed, and even under-packed since the c-section meant we needed to stay an extra few days. So be prepared for anything!

Swim shorts / Slippers (flip-flops) | Again, this is if, like ours, your hospital has an in-room shower or tub and you think you may want to be in it. Our hospital doesn't allow mama's to be in the shower unsupervised while in labor, so we brought Nate some swim shorts and flip-flops so we could get in there with me. Verdict: He didn't need the swim shorts since we got a room with a jetted tub and he was able to just sit on the side of it rather than having to get in it with me. But the flip-flops were useful.

Toiletries | Same as what I brought except, you know, the man version. Verdict: All useful.

Snacks | We packed some snacks for both Nate and I so that he didn't have to keep running to the vending machine, downstairs to the cafeteria (which we heard from hospital staff was not great), or down the block to Whole Foods. Super easy stuff like trail mix, granola bars, pre-popped popcorn, etc. Verdict: We packed more snacks than we needed since our friends and family that visited while I was recovering all brought us food. But it was good to have just in case.

Laptop + charger | Our hospital had wifi available and we knew that ahead of time, so we brought the laptop so that we could send out the obligatory "We had a baby!" email. Also, we loaded it up with TV shows and movies to watch during postpartum recovery. Verdict: We never opened the laptop. Why did we think we'd watch TV? We slept.

Camera + battery | We knew we wanted photos, so we brought a fully-charged camera with us. Verdict: Nate took tons of photos when visitors came to cuddle Luke, but during delivery he mainly used his cell phone for pictures.

For Baby

Car seat | They won't let you leave the hospital without your car seat properly installed. We installed ours (we have an Uppababy Mesa) about a week before our due date (just in case) and had it checked out for free at AAA. Verdict: Necessary.

Snap shirt | We packed 1-2 snap shirts for baby boy to wear during postpartum recovery. Verdict: Didn't use them at all. While in the hospital, Luke lived in a diaper, swaddle, mittens, and a beanie that the hospital provided.

Diapers + Wipes | In case I didn't make it clear, I AM AN OVER-PACKER. I packed like, 6 diapers and a package of wipes, even though I knew the hospital would have diapers and I'd probably just end up using warm water instead of wipes during those first newborn hours. Verdict: We ended up using the hospital diapers and wipes so we could save ours for when they weren't free anymore.

Swaddle | I packed 1 swaddle. Verdict: We used the swaddle to wrap him in for going home.

Going home outfit | We brought a footed, long-sleeved onesie and a beanie. Verdict: Used it and loved it.

Bumpdate | 39 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? I've said it once, I'll say it again: I've really enjoyed (and have been very lucky throughout) this entire pregnancy. And overall, things are still smooth sailing with one exception. Last week, I took a minor spill (because the change in my center of gravity has made me clumsy af) on the sidewalk, hit mostly hands and knees but did bump my belly a bit. Cried profusely because it was scary, my hands ached like a bitch, and my toe was bleeding. Called Nate and cried some more because what if I had caused some real damage? What if it wasn't just a scraped knee and a bleeding toe? What if, what if, what if? Then really started sobbing when I felt Baby Boy being his normal mobile self.

I called my doula for advice, then called my doctor and explained what happened, and since baby's movement was normal and there was no cramping, bleeding or pain in my abdomen, we decided that we'd just monitor how things were going at home. If any of those things changed, I'd head to Labor and Delivery.

It would have been such a minor thing during any other time in my life...I'd have been more embarrassed to have tripped in public than anything else. But being pregnant made me so scared that I'd somehow hurt the baby. But then reading about how the baby is essentially in a jelly sack that's made to withstand a fair amount of bumps along the way made me appreciate yet again what a crazy thing the pregnant body is.

But amazing, armored pregnancy body or not, that day sucked.

Weight gain? I am now at a grand total of a 17lb weight gain! Considering that until week 36 I was at a steady 9-10lb weight gain, that's insane. And I'm just baaaarely dilated at the moment, so this kid is just packing on weight with each passing day. My doctor is projecting an 8-8.5lb baby, ya'll. AN 8-8.5LB BABY.

Sleep? The insomnia of weeks past is completely gone. Now, the only thing keeping me up is the near constant urge to pee. All in all, I wake up about four times throughout the night. The worst is definitely rolling over (which also wakes me up), and getting in and out of bed. The extra weight, all of it centered at one part of your body, is no joke. I think I explained it to Nate the other night as feeling as if the skin around my stomach was trying to burst open. Good times, no?

Food cravings? I still don't think I've experienced any real food cravings. Fruit is always good, and I drink tons of water. I've been liking ice cream more than usual, but it's not something I'd go and send Nate out to get in the middle of the night. I'm mostly pretty boring on the food craving front, huh?

Pregnancy-related symptoms? So learning about pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome is cool, I guess. At least I'm no longer wondering why my hands are going numb every night while I sleep. Also, in terms of my exhaustion level, it's like the first trimester all over again — I'm dozing sometime in the afternoon, and am generally asleep pretty early these days.

Is baby moving? This is one of the things I'll miss the most. This constant connection, this continuous rippling of my belly as he moves. And after the spill last week, it's something I'm hyper vigilant about. He's still moving regularly (which means loads). The doctor has said he's still face up, which is fine, but it would be really nice of him if he could flip himself over when he's ready for me to go into labor and birth his huge body — that way we can avoid back labor, which is supposed to be a new kind of hell.

What I’m looking forward to? I'm officially on maternity leave, so right now I'm looking forward to soaking in all the sleep I can before the baby arrives. I've even got a book and TV series to get through while I wait (Outlander, if you're curious).

Bumpdate | 33 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? The last few weeks haven't been easy, and on Sunday I had my first official hormone-induced breakdown. In the shower, no less. Things have just been so busy and I feel like there hasn't been time to just sit and breathe. We've been on go-mode for weeks now and I finally just needed to get all the anxiety and exhaustion out of my system. Cue me sobbing in the shower and Nate not know what to do to help other than to give me a massage (which, turns out, helped a ton).

Weight gain? Gained another pound! If I'm super honest, my slow weight gain has been freaking me out. But I keep asking my doctor if everything's normal and if baby boy his healthy at each check-up and she assures me all is good. And the thing is, I eat. My appetite is 100% back to normal now, so I feel like I've been eating a lot, but it just hasn't been translating to added pounds yet.

Sleep? What's that again? Oh, that's right. It's that thing I sort of get sometimes – in between all the peeing and insomnia. And yes, I know I'll only get even less sleep once the baby arrives, but it's still no fun. I'm getting about 4-5.5 hours of sleep a night right now, and it's full of a lot of tossing and turning. So yeah, feeling pretty sleepy over here.

Food cravings? Orange juice by the gallon, Rainier cherries (but only Rainier cherries), Hawaiian local food (poi, kalua pig, mac salad, Chinese food from a very specific restaurant on my island), and this Persian eggplant dish one of my closest friends makes. Also ice cold water to the point where I've outgrown my current water bottle and will soon be upgrading to one of those no-joke gigantic Hydro Flasks.

Pregnancy-related symptoms? SO MUCH ACID REFLUX. I've been taking Pepcid and that helps a lot. I also have an herbal tea my doula recommended, and a colleague said that eating raw celery helps too. At this point, I will try anything.

Then there's the swelling, which you don't really think about until your hands are so sore in the morning that you can't bend your fingers, or your feet are so swollen by the end of each day that you've given up on shoes altogether and are just wearing slippers (flip-flops) to work now.

Is baby moving? So much! It's so incredible how mobile he is. At my check-up last week, my doctor let us know that he's moved into the head-down position, so now I can really visualize what movements he's making every time my stomach ripples. I haven't seen the outline of a hand or foot yet and I'm sort of okay with that since I think it would freak me out a bit!

He still likes to go completely still when anyone else (even Nate) goes in for a belly touch, so sometimes I feel crazy when I tell people that he's moving around all the time, and then when they try to feel him he stops moving altogether. But I love how much he moves. I've gotten so used to it that if he's still for more than half an hour, I always get a bit worried and end up drinking some ice cold water or shaking things up a bit so that he moves. I know he's probably just asleep and I'll regret this later, but I can't help it!

What I’m looking forward to? Having my grandmother and older sister visit next week to help me go through all the gifts we got at our baby shower/bbq last weekend (which was incredible – it was a co-ed affair and so many of our friends showed up for an afternoon bbq in the park), and to help set up baby boy's nursery nook. I've also been homesick lately, so just having them here and being able to spend a few nonstop days with them will help to ease that ache, I think.

Our Hawai'i Ranch Wedding | DIYs and Details

One of the things that made our wedding as special and memorable as it was, is that there were so many caring hands that went into bringing it to life. This wasn't only practical for us (because it cut costs where we needed them cut so that we could give a little more to the areas of our budget that we had prioritized financially), but it was also a way to make so many of the details meaningful — they weren't just pretty things we rented, or bought, or saw pinned on Pinterest...they were made by people we loved who loved us and wanted to gift us their time and energy.

So here are some of our favorite Wedding DIY's

Save-the-Dates and Invitations | At the time when these needed to be designed, I think I fancied myself a graphic designer (I'm not), so I basically taught myself a few Photoshop skills, said a quick prayer, and tried my best! And you know what? They turned out to be exactly what we wanted: simple, fun, and way less expensive than they would have been had we gone through one of the usual print shops. We printed the exact amount we needed through VistaPrint, bought some leather chord and a hole punch from Michaels down the street, assembled, stamped and sent those babies out!

If you're feeling creative, and if you have the time and patience, then this is definitely something I would recommend doing to lower your costs. Just be sure you're not looking for something too fancy like printing white lettering, or hand-cutting, because come on.

Florals and Centerpieces | There were quite a few hands that went into making our centerpieces. For the months leading up to our wedding, Nate and I drank a lot of milk since our grocery store carries Straus Family Creamery brand and those were the bottles I wanted to use as our vases. (Pro tip: check to see if your grocery store will take the bottles back for your glass deposit. Ours does!) My mom and stepdad also turned old wooden crates that they found into little square risers by cutting them down to about 10x10 and nailing them together (this wasn't the only wood working they did either. They also made dessert table risers out of a tree trunk!).

For the florals (which were all based around this photo I found on Pinterest), I knew I wanted to cut back on costs by ordering loose bunches of flowers instead of full arrangements. I found an awesome and affordable local florist I absolutely loved who was happy to provide us with all the loose flowers and greenery we needed for the centerpieces (these were the same types of flowers she used when creating our bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, and hanging garlands), and I also sourced some extra protea and greenery from a local protea farmer. Then our amazingly talented and generous friends spent the rainy morning of our wedding tucked under the reception pavilion making floral arrangements!

Lavender to toss | If you take look through some of the photos in my first wedding post, you might notice pretty little specks in the ones where Nate and I are walking back down the aisle after the ceremony. I wish you could smell as well as see, because if you could it would smell lovely.

My mom had the idea of tossing fresh Maui lavender after the ceremony instead of the typical rice (which wouldn't be the best for the birds) or anything that would cause trash, like confetti (because, outdoors). So somehow between making a million desserts (see below), she ordered a bunch of lavender, and mobilized a tiny army to make 100 little vintage paper pockets in which to hold it all. These pockets were placed on each seat during the ceremony, and Nate and I got a fragrant rain fall of flowers as we walked down the aisle.

I have a great photo of my sister picking lavender buds out of my hair right after the ceremony, and I found some that had fallen down my dress later that night. Probably why I smelled so good.

Favors | My mom and little sister/bridesmaid took the lead on creating our adorable favors, and I love the way they turned out! Somewhere along the planning process, the idea was tossed around to give away coffee and tea as favors to our guests. Seemed like a no-brainer, really: I'm a coffee drinker from an island that grows some of the best coffee in the world, and Nate is a tea drinker whose dad's side of the family comes from a region in southern China that grows delicious teas.

From there, my mom and sister helped to choose some great Big Island coffee to give away, and Nate parted with some of his favorite mini blocks of tea he brought back from his last trip. They divided them out so that our guests had a choice of one or the other (it always seems more fun when you have a choice of goodies), vacuumed sealed them, and stuffed them into little muslin pouches with tags that noted our wedding date. Then they found these great wire baskets to hold them in. Nate penned the sign (which now hangs above our kitchen sink), and our favors were fun, beautiful and ready to go!

Yard Games | One of the many reasons we chose Puakea Ranch as our venue was that it was as far from glass skyscrapers and hot asphalt as we could get. Instead, we had old plantation cottages, gardens, pools, and nicely sized lawns. And we definitely wanted to take advantage of them. Since I couldn't figure out how to manage giving folks the option of going for a swim during our ceremony or reception (but wouldn't you want to be at that wedding?), we settled on providing yard games and picnic blankets to really help us create the feel that this was a casual, intimate event. Nothing formal or stuffy to be found.

Instead, guests were encouraged to grab one of the colorful blankets I begged, borrowed and stole, cop a squat poolside or under the mango tree, and choose which game to play to entertain themselves (and their kids!) with during pupu/cocktail hour. We offered croquet, corn-hole, bocce ball, and a giant tic-tac-toe. (Okay, I didn't steal the blankets. I had a bunch, borrowed some more, and also bought a few which I gave away to family as a thank you for all their help with the wedding.)

All the games were either built by family members or were borrowed from them for the wedding. What I love most is that my niece and nephews helped to make a lot of them — including painting that awesome wave and surfer on the corn-hole box that my stepdad built!

Signage | Never let it be said that I didn't marry a talented guy. During the week leading up to the wedding, while I sorted flowers fresh from the farm, and organized baskets and supplies with my niece, Nate spent his time elbow deep in paint, hand-lettering signs. Between my mom, sisters, and my stepdad-the-builder, we had all the materials we needed for a directional sign pointing to Oakland (where Nate's from), Honomu (where I'm from), the ceremony, the reception, the food, and the bathroom (in several different languages), the games sign, the bar sign, and little tiny dessert signs to go on the dessert bar.

I think it added a really fun and homegrown element to the day. Among so many other things I love about him, Nate's an artist. And it was great to be able to incorporate his touch in all sorts of different places on our wedding.

Pupu's (appetizers) + Dessert Bar | I wish I had photos of our appetizers and desserts and I don't because we were obviously too busy stuffing our faces with all the deliciousness. Seriously, one of the most frequent comments we get about our wedding to this day remains how good the food was, how amazing the appetizers were, how many desserts everyone had to choose from. The secret? Stick to your favorite foods, especially if it's family cooking, and always listen to your mother.

We did sort of a mix of both for our wedding. For the pupu's, we asked my brother-in-law if he could make smoked meat (pork), which I grew up eating, will die eating, and maintain that over steamed rice there may not be a whole lot that's better in the world. We also served our favorite poke (raw fish salad) like shoyu ahi poke, spicy poke, and mussels poke, picked up fresh from Foodland — because when you know, you know. Then we had our amazing caterer who did all of our dinner items provide a few extra appetizers as well, just to round it out. All I can remember about the apps is having our day-of coordinator hand me a plate stacked high with poke, soy beans, smoked meat and lemongrass chicken skewers right after we finished taking photos, and me, shoveling them in. Maybe whoever said you won't get a chance to eat at your own wedding wasn't super excited about their menu?

And it's hard to even begin to talk about the desserts and all the love and heart and everythinggoodyoucouldpossiblythinkofintheworld that went into them. My mom made almost all of our desserts. All nine of them. For nearly a hundred guests. After months of testing recipes on my family, and spending the entire pre-wedding week baking up a confectioners storm, this is what she served for our dessert bar:

Hummingbird Cake (our wedding cake) Lemon Lavender Bars Cardamom Cake with Coffee Glaze Orange Blossom Cake Lilikoi Cream Cheese Bars Coconut Pie Bacardi Rum Cake Bibinka (Filipino Coconut Rice Dessert) Banana Bread with Chocolate and Nuts

And probably because who could say no to more goodness, one of my best friends also made red velvet cupcakes with butter cream frosting, and double chocolate brownies.

Wedding food, my friends. It can and should be spectacular.

Bar | We decided on a self-serve open bar because that's Nate's (and everyones?) favorite kind at a wedding. To make it happen, we enlisted the help of my mother and sister (who sourced beautiful vintage-looking beverage dispensers and found vintage wooden crates for risers), our caterer (who provided the non-alcoholic drinks like lilikoi lemonade), my dad (who hauled a truckload of ice from the harbor up to the ranch), and our friends (who concocted our signature drink). Those cute marquee letters of our initials came from the bookshelf in our apartment, and before that, Target circa 3 years ago. My favorite cousin — and any friends or members of my family who found themselves near the bar when supplies were getting low — played the crucial role of ensuring that the tin of cold beer, sodas and ice, as well as the dispensers of our signature drink stayed well stocked.

Given how it was surrounded at all moments, I'm pretty sure the bar was a huge hit. Even though we over-bought the booze. By like, a lot. I mean, we still have some left over...


At the end of the day, a wedding is not only what you make it, but it's who you involve in it. It's a celebration of your love, and it's also a celebration of everything that brought you together, that made you the people you are today so that you could stand in front of one another and your community and make your promises.

For Nate and I, that foundation came from our families and friends. And there was just no having a wedding without them playing such an important role. We truly would not be where we are today without them, and we definitely wouldn't have had the wedding we had without them either.

For vendor and photography information, see my first wedding post.

Bumpdate | 27 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? It's actually been going pretty smoothly ever since I got my appetite back. I feel like I've sort of hit my stride and overall I'm really enjoying being pregnant.

Weight gain? 4.5lbs! I'm back up to my starting weight, and have been gaining at a rate my doctor is happy with. I'm really excited about the bump at the moment, since I'm in a place where now there is no question that I'm pregnant. This was honestly something I'd been a little bit nervous about before getting pregnant — I've always had a difficult relationship with body image. It wasn't too long ago where I'd substitute the word "curvy" for "fat" and feel terrible about myself every time I put together an outfit and didn't look like the girls in the magazines.

But that's changed a lot over the years, and body positive attitudes, bloggers, and content creators have really helped to offer examples of curvy women who look awesome and look like they feel awesome. I think that in turn has provided a lot of women – myself included – with a different narrative we can use to support our own body image journeys. And for me, pregnancy has been one more stepping stone in the right direction. I feel so excited by what my body is doing at all moments. It's part awe, and just straight up part recognition of how privileged I am to be able to build this little life inside of me.

Sleep? Not the most comfortable thing in the world now that there's an actual bump going on, but not terrible either. I haven't started waking up at all hours to pee (yet), so that's something! Still sleeping through the night, yay!

Maternity clothes? I finally bought a few more maternity pieces (a couple of tops, a pair of shorts, and another pair of leggings) to see me through the rest of the summer. Overall though, I'm really not planning on buying anything else. Like I mentioned last time, because my typical style consists of mostly loose fitting and flowy tops, I really don't need a whole lot of maternity clothes – almost everything still fits! The one thing I have purchased is new bras though. My normal underwire bras are starting to get pretty uncomfortable (just with the wire digging in as my bump grows) so I bought a bunch of bralettes from Target which have the added benefit of being racerbacks so the straps don't slip off my shoulders like normal bras do. I'm in love. I may never go back.

Food cravings? Nothing really. Food-wise, things are pretty quiet over here.

Strangest thing you’ve learned about pregnancy? That women can form an iron deficiency. It's something my doctor just let me know about since my most recent tests showed that I'm now slightly anemic. Apparently, that's super normal, and easily managed by just adding an iron supplement to your morning pre-natal regimen.

Is baby moving? Yep! I love it! He goes pretty quiet when other folks are trying to feel my belly for his movements, but when it's just him and me, he's having some rager parties in there.

What I’m looking forward to? I've been pretty anxious lately because we're about to move apartments and there's just so much to be done. Over the next few weekends (which feels like all the foreseeable future), we'll be packing up, hauling over, and then unpacking, all before we have friends in town, our baby shower/bbq, and then family in town. I may also be doing some work travel towards the end of August (right before my no-fly date), and I'm also trying to make sure everything is set up at my job so that it can be passed off smoothly when I head out on leave, so overall the next 2 months feel really hectic. But I've been working on trying to adapt as flexible a mindset as possible, and to understand that things will happen in their time and place – my biggest priority is making sure I'm doing what I can to stay healthy and as stress free as possible.

Also, as you can see, Nate is a huge Star Wars fan, and one of our closest friends got us this Darth Vader and Son book when we announced that we were pregnant — even before we knew we were having a boy! I can't wait until Nate gets to read this book to baby boy in person. We may have to move the paper model AT-AT and stormtrooper out of the line of fire once he starts getting mobile though...