Bumpdate | 39 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? I've said it once, I'll say it again: I've really enjoyed (and have been very lucky throughout) this entire pregnancy. And overall, things are still smooth sailing with one exception. Last week, I took a minor spill (because the change in my center of gravity has made me clumsy af) on the sidewalk, hit mostly hands and knees but did bump my belly a bit. Cried profusely because it was scary, my hands ached like a bitch, and my toe was bleeding. Called Nate and cried some more because what if I had caused some real damage? What if it wasn't just a scraped knee and a bleeding toe? What if, what if, what if? Then really started sobbing when I felt Baby Boy being his normal mobile self.

I called my doula for advice, then called my doctor and explained what happened, and since baby's movement was normal and there was no cramping, bleeding or pain in my abdomen, we decided that we'd just monitor how things were going at home. If any of those things changed, I'd head to Labor and Delivery.

It would have been such a minor thing during any other time in my life...I'd have been more embarrassed to have tripped in public than anything else. But being pregnant made me so scared that I'd somehow hurt the baby. But then reading about how the baby is essentially in a jelly sack that's made to withstand a fair amount of bumps along the way made me appreciate yet again what a crazy thing the pregnant body is.

But amazing, armored pregnancy body or not, that day sucked.

Weight gain? I am now at a grand total of a 17lb weight gain! Considering that until week 36 I was at a steady 9-10lb weight gain, that's insane. And I'm just baaaarely dilated at the moment, so this kid is just packing on weight with each passing day. My doctor is projecting an 8-8.5lb baby, ya'll. AN 8-8.5LB BABY.

Sleep? The insomnia of weeks past is completely gone. Now, the only thing keeping me up is the near constant urge to pee. All in all, I wake up about four times throughout the night. The worst is definitely rolling over (which also wakes me up), and getting in and out of bed. The extra weight, all of it centered at one part of your body, is no joke. I think I explained it to Nate the other night as feeling as if the skin around my stomach was trying to burst open. Good times, no?

Food cravings? I still don't think I've experienced any real food cravings. Fruit is always good, and I drink tons of water. I've been liking ice cream more than usual, but it's not something I'd go and send Nate out to get in the middle of the night. I'm mostly pretty boring on the food craving front, huh?

Pregnancy-related symptoms? So learning about pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome is cool, I guess. At least I'm no longer wondering why my hands are going numb every night while I sleep. Also, in terms of my exhaustion level, it's like the first trimester all over again — I'm dozing sometime in the afternoon, and am generally asleep pretty early these days.

Is baby moving? This is one of the things I'll miss the most. This constant connection, this continuous rippling of my belly as he moves. And after the spill last week, it's something I'm hyper vigilant about. He's still moving regularly (which means loads). The doctor has said he's still face up, which is fine, but it would be really nice of him if he could flip himself over when he's ready for me to go into labor and birth his huge body — that way we can avoid back labor, which is supposed to be a new kind of hell.

What I’m looking forward to? I'm officially on maternity leave, so right now I'm looking forward to soaking in all the sleep I can before the baby arrives. I've even got a book and TV series to get through while I wait (Outlander, if you're curious).