Bumpdate | 33 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? The last few weeks haven't been easy, and on Sunday I had my first official hormone-induced breakdown. In the shower, no less. Things have just been so busy and I feel like there hasn't been time to just sit and breathe. We've been on go-mode for weeks now and I finally just needed to get all the anxiety and exhaustion out of my system. Cue me sobbing in the shower and Nate not know what to do to help other than to give me a massage (which, turns out, helped a ton).

Weight gain? Gained another pound! If I'm super honest, my slow weight gain has been freaking me out. But I keep asking my doctor if everything's normal and if baby boy his healthy at each check-up and she assures me all is good. And the thing is, I eat. My appetite is 100% back to normal now, so I feel like I've been eating a lot, but it just hasn't been translating to added pounds yet.

Sleep? What's that again? Oh, that's right. It's that thing I sort of get sometimes – in between all the peeing and insomnia. And yes, I know I'll only get even less sleep once the baby arrives, but it's still no fun. I'm getting about 4-5.5 hours of sleep a night right now, and it's full of a lot of tossing and turning. So yeah, feeling pretty sleepy over here.

Food cravings? Orange juice by the gallon, Rainier cherries (but only Rainier cherries), Hawaiian local food (poi, kalua pig, mac salad, Chinese food from a very specific restaurant on my island), and this Persian eggplant dish one of my closest friends makes. Also ice cold water to the point where I've outgrown my current water bottle and will soon be upgrading to one of those no-joke gigantic Hydro Flasks.

Pregnancy-related symptoms? SO MUCH ACID REFLUX. I've been taking Pepcid and that helps a lot. I also have an herbal tea my doula recommended, and a colleague said that eating raw celery helps too. At this point, I will try anything.

Then there's the swelling, which you don't really think about until your hands are so sore in the morning that you can't bend your fingers, or your feet are so swollen by the end of each day that you've given up on shoes altogether and are just wearing slippers (flip-flops) to work now.

Is baby moving? So much! It's so incredible how mobile he is. At my check-up last week, my doctor let us know that he's moved into the head-down position, so now I can really visualize what movements he's making every time my stomach ripples. I haven't seen the outline of a hand or foot yet and I'm sort of okay with that since I think it would freak me out a bit!

He still likes to go completely still when anyone else (even Nate) goes in for a belly touch, so sometimes I feel crazy when I tell people that he's moving around all the time, and then when they try to feel him he stops moving altogether. But I love how much he moves. I've gotten so used to it that if he's still for more than half an hour, I always get a bit worried and end up drinking some ice cold water or shaking things up a bit so that he moves. I know he's probably just asleep and I'll regret this later, but I can't help it!

What I’m looking forward to? Having my grandmother and older sister visit next week to help me go through all the gifts we got at our baby shower/bbq last weekend (which was incredible – it was a co-ed affair and so many of our friends showed up for an afternoon bbq in the park), and to help set up baby boy's nursery nook. I've also been homesick lately, so just having them here and being able to spend a few nonstop days with them will help to ease that ache, I think.