Bumpdate | 27 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? It's actually been going pretty smoothly ever since I got my appetite back. I feel like I've sort of hit my stride and overall I'm really enjoying being pregnant.

Weight gain? 4.5lbs! I'm back up to my starting weight, and have been gaining at a rate my doctor is happy with. I'm really excited about the bump at the moment, since I'm in a place where now there is no question that I'm pregnant. This was honestly something I'd been a little bit nervous about before getting pregnant — I've always had a difficult relationship with body image. It wasn't too long ago where I'd substitute the word "curvy" for "fat" and feel terrible about myself every time I put together an outfit and didn't look like the girls in the magazines.

But that's changed a lot over the years, and body positive attitudes, bloggers, and content creators have really helped to offer examples of curvy women who look awesome and look like they feel awesome. I think that in turn has provided a lot of women – myself included – with a different narrative we can use to support our own body image journeys. And for me, pregnancy has been one more stepping stone in the right direction. I feel so excited by what my body is doing at all moments. It's part awe, and just straight up part recognition of how privileged I am to be able to build this little life inside of me.

Sleep? Not the most comfortable thing in the world now that there's an actual bump going on, but not terrible either. I haven't started waking up at all hours to pee (yet), so that's something! Still sleeping through the night, yay!

Maternity clothes? I finally bought a few more maternity pieces (a couple of tops, a pair of shorts, and another pair of leggings) to see me through the rest of the summer. Overall though, I'm really not planning on buying anything else. Like I mentioned last time, because my typical style consists of mostly loose fitting and flowy tops, I really don't need a whole lot of maternity clothes – almost everything still fits! The one thing I have purchased is new bras though. My normal underwire bras are starting to get pretty uncomfortable (just with the wire digging in as my bump grows) so I bought a bunch of bralettes from Target which have the added benefit of being racerbacks so the straps don't slip off my shoulders like normal bras do. I'm in love. I may never go back.

Food cravings? Nothing really. Food-wise, things are pretty quiet over here.

Strangest thing you’ve learned about pregnancy? That women can form an iron deficiency. It's something my doctor just let me know about since my most recent tests showed that I'm now slightly anemic. Apparently, that's super normal, and easily managed by just adding an iron supplement to your morning pre-natal regimen.

Is baby moving? Yep! I love it! He goes pretty quiet when other folks are trying to feel my belly for his movements, but when it's just him and me, he's having some rager parties in there.

What I’m looking forward to? I've been pretty anxious lately because we're about to move apartments and there's just so much to be done. Over the next few weekends (which feels like all the foreseeable future), we'll be packing up, hauling over, and then unpacking, all before we have friends in town, our baby shower/bbq, and then family in town. I may also be doing some work travel towards the end of August (right before my no-fly date), and I'm also trying to make sure everything is set up at my job so that it can be passed off smoothly when I head out on leave, so overall the next 2 months feel really hectic. But I've been working on trying to adapt as flexible a mindset as possible, and to understand that things will happen in their time and place – my biggest priority is making sure I'm doing what I can to stay healthy and as stress free as possible.

Also, as you can see, Nate is a huge Star Wars fan, and one of our closest friends got us this Darth Vader and Son book when we announced that we were pregnant — even before we knew we were having a boy! I can't wait until Nate gets to read this book to baby boy in person. We may have to move the paper model AT-AT and stormtrooper out of the line of fire once he starts getting mobile though...