Big Things on the Horizon

My guy and I have been keeping a little secret. But I'm a horrible secret keeper...really can't keep a surprise under wraps to save my life. So I'm so excited (and relieved) to share our news...

We're welcoming a baby boy to our family in October 2017!

Nate and I are the typical mix of thrilled/terrified beyond belief that I think many first time expectant parents feel. It's been just us now for so long, but this has always been such a huge dream of ours, and we've been getting tons of love and support from our family and friends — they've been so amazing and excited right along with us.

Over the next few months, I thought I'd do a few "bumpdates" to share a little bit about how the remainder of my 2nd trimester, and my whole 3rd trimester goes. So here goes our first bumpdate!

Bumpdate | 22 weeks

How has the pregnancy gone so far? It's been an interesting ride. I didn't experience "morning sickness" during my first trimester so much as "random bouts of sickness through the day" or "evening sickness." And then, right around the time I started my second trimester (13 weeks), the food aversion hit. The thought of eating anything made me sick, though mostly left overs. I could not handle looking at the kitchen garbage, dealing with the compost, or putting the extra dinner food away in the fridge. Almost everything triggered my gag reflex. A lot of times it felt like the only things that didn't make me nauseous were watermelon (ate those by the ton) and pure mango juice. The exhaustion was also something that hit me hard. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't being tired at nearly all moments of the day and literally being unable to keep my eyes open past 9pm. It really drove home that my body was building a human inside me.

Weight gain? Finally! After worrying for a few months about the fact that I was losing weight instead of gaining it (because of the whole food aversion thing), I'm finally putting on a few pounds — less than five at this point, but it's setting my mind at ease.

Sleep? I'm finally back to my normal sleeping hours, so no more falling asleep at 9pm! If I get between 6-8 hours on a regular night (usually 6-10 on weekends) then I'm set. Of course, this changes if it's a night where one of my fav authors releases a book — on those nights, I tend to fall asleep after reading until 2am. Probably not the best sleeping habit, but I like to think that my late nights are getting me ready for when Baby Boy arrives and keeps us up at all hours!

Maternity clothes? Yes and no. My typical style consists of mostly loose fitting tops, and I'm still fitting into those easily enough. But there has been a noticeable increase in maxi dresses (Target has the BEST maxi dresses, including this one that I used for these maternity photos) and leggings in my closet. Leggings are critical since I've altogether abandoned wearing my normal jeans. I tried to rubber band thing for a while (where you loop the rubber band around your button and through the button hole to create make-shift maternity pants), but it's just so much more comfortable to wear leggings. I'm really lucky my job is super on board with that — in fact, my boss recently told me, "What you need to do is find a good pair of yoga maternity pants and just wear those all the time." I also have a few comfortable maternity tops that one of my best friends sent me, and other than the leggings, a pair of denim shorts, and a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, those are all the actual "maternity" clothes I currently own.

Food cravings? Lots of fruits and veggies, actually. Once in a while I'll get a random craving for ice cream (specifically, the sundae cups I used to eat as a kid) or donuts, but for the most part I'm craving lots and lots of fruit (peaches to be exact) and fresh summer salads (give me all the caprese!). But speaking of donuts...this past weekend I had this crazy craving for a custard filled donut. I never crave donuts and can't actually remember the last time I even had one. But that day? Donuts, man. Now. So at 9pm, Nate and I set out for the local late-night donut spot and for some crazy reason, it's like everyone in the entire city is there and they're practically sold out of everything! So we go to 2 more spots across town, and same thing. At the fourth spot (a grocery store), we were finally able to find a custard-filled donut but it wasn't that great — you know the kind where the custard is only inserted about an inch into the donut bar? Yeah, big disappointment. So my pregnancy donut craving went somewhat unsatisfied. Then, the next morning, Nate is online and all of us sudden starts laughing. It turns out, the reason all the donuts were gone? It was National Donut Day! What the heck is National Donut Day?! And what are the odds that the one time I want a donut is the one day where it's the most popular thing to eat in the country?

Strangest thing you've learned about pregnancy? It's a toss up right now between the fact that, not only does your eyesight change, but the actual shape of your eye changes (making it difficult to wear contact lenses), OR that you have so much extra blood running through your body that you can get random nosebleeds. Let me just say, not the best pregnancy surprises I've had.

Is baby moving? So much! A lot of people told me that the first time I feel him move, it'll feel like butterflies in your stomach. It may not be as romantic sounding, but to me it actually feels more like gas! Like little bubbles under your skin.

What I'm looking forward to? Getting a tiny bit more of a belly. Currently, I feel a little like I'm in the in-between stage — I could either be pregnant, or just a curvy girl, neither of which I mind. But I'm looking forward to there being no question — this girl's having a baby!