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I’m Kahea, and I’m so glad you’re here. Before we get into all the who-I-am’s and what-I-do’s, I’m dying to know:

What’s one tiny thing can you do right now that gets you a step closer to a life that feels more YOU?

That question right there is my Love Language. My North Star. It’s my way of getting to the heart of my core belief as a coach, woman and human: You are worthy of a life you love.

The thing is, too many of us are living lives we think we should instead of lives I know we can. We’re struggling with work/life burn out, fear spirals and self-image overwhelm, and a larger society that has us spending our time and energy searching for happiness in all the wrong places. We’re stuck in jobs we hate that don’t fulfill us, by identities that have begun to feel narrow and suffocating, and by patterns and behaviors that keep us from showing up for ourselves and our people in ways that actually feel good.

We are quietly (and often guiltily) coming to terms with the fact that, while we may not know exactly what we want out of our lives…this isn’t it. Let’s take a breath and say that again: This. Isn’t. It.

As a coach, I help women sort through those seasons of not-knowing. This isn’t an easy 5-step self-help plan for anything. These are wildly honest conversations that suspend both judgement and bullshit, practical and sustainable strategies that make sense for Real Life (because quitting your job and traveling the world for six months is great, and also: rent), and some accountability to get us through those rough patches. That’s how we reconnect with who we are, bridge the divide between the lives we have and the lives we want, and walk back home to ourselves.

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I know what it’s like to wonder, Is this it? Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like? When my quarterlife crisis hit, I was fresh out of law school with rent and student loans to pay, no self-confidence left to speak of, and a secret: I didn’t want to be a lawyer. In fact, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I just knew that living my life the way it was, wasn’t it. I had dreams of travel, adventure and writing, but as a first generation everything with a background filled with lots of financial hardship, I didn’t see how that fit into the stable, responsible life I’d built. I felt trapped by what I expected of myself, and by what I thought everyone else expected of me. So I cried before work every morning, numbed myself every night with TV and isolation, and let my misery jeopardize some of my most important relationships.

Something needed to change. I needed a reclamation of self and sovereignty and life. So I went on a mission to get to know myself again...or maybe for the first time ever. I spent time figuring out what my values were, how I wanted to feel in my everyday life, what work, books, causes, places, and people made me feel alive. And I slowly began defining who I was and what my life was going to be based on every little truth bomb I uncovered.

These days, when I’m not doing my best to cultivate a sisterhood of badass, supportive women who are in love with every inch of their lives, you’ll find me trying to convince my husband that we should pack our kid up and move to the country where we can live slow and grow things. Until he caves, we happily split our time between Northern California (where he’s from) and Hawai’i (where I’m from), and try to get to the ocean and mountains as much as humanly possible. In my other life, I also work with an international NGO to support Indigenous women who are protecting their lands, communities and our environment.

In November 2018, I will graduate from the Courageous Living Coach Certification program, which is rooted in a holistic philosophy grounded in supporting clients where they’re at.

And I read an awful lot of sexy romance novels.

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