Bumpdate | 33 weeks

    How has the pregnancy gone so far? The last few weeks haven’t been easy, and on Sunday I had my first official hormone-induced breakdown. In the shower, no less. Things have just been so busy and I feel like there hasn’t been time to just sit and breathe. We’ve been on go-mode for weeks now and I finally just needed to get all the anxiety and exhaustion out of my system. Cue me sobbing in the shower and Nate not know what to do to help other than to give me a massage (which, turns out, helped a ton). Continue reading


    A Recipe for My Life

    This post was inspired by a similar post written by Dee Bordenkircher for Season 4 of Stratejoy’s guest bloggers. If you haven’t checked out Stratejoy yet, I so encourage you to go and do that like, right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

    Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

    First, gather the ingredients | brown hair, brown eyes, skin that burns before going brown too. A handful of whatever you would typically add to a “mixed plate” in Hawai’i. Big, loving family, fondness for romance novels, self-deprecating humor, and indie folk songs played in minor chords. Extra large portion of introversion and driving need to be in the country. Insatiable lust for travel, deep conversations and Diet Coke. Pinch of stubbornness, to taste.

    You’ll need a solid — though misaligned — dish, and then a secondary, more free-form way to hold everything together once the first dish breaks. Always be prepared. Continue reading


    Our Hawai’i Ranch Wedding | DIYs and Details

    One of the things that made our wedding as special and memorable as it was, is that there were so many caring hands that went into bringing it to life. This wasn’t only practical for us (because it cut costs where we needed them cut so that we could give a little more to the areas of our budget that we had prioritized financially), but it was also a way to make so many of the details meaningful — they weren’t just pretty things we rented, or bought, or saw pinned on Pinterest…they were made by people we loved who loved us and wanted to gift us their time and energy.

    So here are some of our favorite Wedding DIY’s

    Save-the-Dates and Invitations | At the time when these needed to be designed, I think I fancied myself a graphic designer (I’m not), so I basically taught myself a few Photoshop skills, said a quick prayer, and tried my best! And you know what? They turned out to be exactly what we wanted: simple, fun, and way less expensive than they would have been had we gone through one of the usual print shops. We printed the exact amount we needed through VistaPrint, bought some leather chord and a hole punch from Michaels down the street, assembled, stamped and sent those babies out!

    If you’re feeling creative, and if you have the time and patience, then this is definitely something I would recommend doing to lower your costs. Just be sure you’re not looking for something too fancy like printing white lettering, or hand-cutting, because come on. Continue reading


    Bumpdate | 27 weeks

    How has the pregnancy gone so far? It’s actually been going pretty smoothly ever since I got my appetite back. I feel like I’ve sort of hit my stride and overall I’m really enjoying being pregnant.

    Weight gain? 4.5lbs! I’m back up to my starting weight, and have been gaining at a rate my doctor is happy with. I’m really excited about the bump at the moment, since I’m in a place where now there is no question that I’m pregnant. This was honestly something I’d been a little bit nervous about before getting pregnant — I’ve always had a difficult relationship with body image. It wasn’t too long ago where I’d substitute the word “curvy” for “fat” and feel terrible about myself every time I put together an outfit and didn’t look like the girls in the magazines.

    But that’s changed a lot over the years, and body positive attitudes, bloggers, and content creators have really helped to offer examples of curvy women who look awesome and look like they feel awesome. I think that in turn has provided a lot of women – myself included – with a different narrative we can use to support our own body image journeys. And for me, pregnancy has been one more stepping stone in the right direction. I feel so excited by what my body is doing at all moments. It’s part awe, and just straight up part recognition of how privileged I am to be able to build this little life inside of me.

    Sleep? Not the most comfortable thing in the world now that there’s an actual bump going on, but not terrible either. I haven’t started waking up at all hours to pee (yet), so that’s something! Still sleeping through the night, yay! Continue reading


    Our Hawai’i Ranch Wedding | One Year Later

    The best moment of my entire wedding day had to be when Nate — my partner of 11 years turned husband for all of 4 hours — leaned over to wrap me up in a bear hug on the dance floor and whispered, “This is the best night of my life.” 

    Now, on our one year anniversary, I thought I’d share a bit more about our Big Day, and some of the ways we tried to make it as special as possible.

    Prior to our wedding, a lot of people told me that the day would pass by in a sort of blur, and that I’d have to be really intentional about taking in each moment, making time for each guest, eating. And I’m sure there are weddings where that’s all very true — where everything feels like it’s going by so fast and that there aren’t enough hours to savor it all, to make everyone feel as special as they’ve made you feel, and to sort of bask in the glow of all the amazingness going on around you.

    But that wasn’t really my experience. Continue reading