Nice to Meet You

My name is Kahea, and I created this space because I have a writers soul and a love of connection. I’m the middle sister from a large, multigenerational home, a small town island girl at heart, and definitely feel most at home in wide open spaces — as long as a good book and my husband are both within arms reach.

There’s a short poem by [mysterious internet poet and Knower of All Things Love and Life] Atticus that says, simply, “I hope to arrive at my death late, in love, and a little drunk.” As a new chapter of my life continues to unfold, I find myself recognizing that those really are words to live by. And my hope is that what I share here — about travel, wellness, inspiration, and probably a romance novel or two thrown in there because why not? — will not only be in pursuit of that well-lived life, but will make everyone who stumbles upon this little corner of the universe feel like they’re not even remotely alone on their own journey.

There’s really no telling what’s coming…but I’m excited!